Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#mightyugly2015 meeting 3: Make it Mighty Ugly!

We held our third meeting last night. This time, M.E. ran out of spoons before the meeting could start, so she didn't make it, and C.R. left early.

At the beginning of the meeting, we spent about half an hour chatting with Kim Werker. She was giant on a projector screen!

Three shots of Kim on the big screen!
We didn't really have a plan for this conversation. There was a lot of giggling. We talked about what to do if your ugly thing turns out cute, the ways people make up ugly backstories for their cute creatures to make them seem more ugly, and the fact that at this year's Craftcation, nobody cried in Kim's workshop. She suggested that, if we needed inspiration, we should run to the recycling bin. Unfortunately, the recycling had been picked up just yesterday morning, so there was only one empty cat food tin in there. Not much to inspire.

After the chat with Kim, we had a bit of off-topic chatter that resulted in a suggestion that maybe some of us should sit down together sometime and work on grant proposals for work/school. Eventually, C.R. had to head home to get some work done, so the four remaining of us - myself, Sonja, J.C.H., and A.S., set about making ugly creatures. And make them ugly we did.

From Left to Right, creatures made by JCH, AS, Kimberly, Sonja

We managed to construct these within the 90-minute time limit Kim suggests, but that left no time for creating their backstories, so we'll all get together and share those, along with our members who were missing this week, next time. There was a lot of fretting over having the right (or wrong) colors, making do with the supplies we had on hand, how much effort to put into it, and whether to sew or not. (Both A.S. and myself constructed ours with duct tape and no sewing; as we both tend to pick up needle & thread for our primary crafting experiences, that alone was a challenge.)

I'm rather proud of mine. Her name is Nelly. She's a can-can dancer. It's hard to see in this picture, but a bit of her stuffing is coming out through a hole in the top of her head. I think she's probably a zombie can-can dancer. She is pretty effing ugly, but I love her all the same.

Thanks so much for joining us, Kim!

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